What is Carving Unity?

Unity is a tremendous source of spiritual power. We are commanded to be one with each other and one with God. For now, we see only pieces but, as we learn, we will come to see everything as one large whole. Whole, complete, finished, is God’s definition of perfect.

“Building” is the most common verb paired with unity, but I’ve noticed that carving is often its pre-requisite. Before you can stack blocks that will stand the test of time, they must be carved. In order for those blocks to fit together well enough to be stable, their shape must be corresponding. Whether smooth and flat, cornered, or curved, they must be shaped such that they complement one another and fit together to form the whole. 

We, likewise, must be shaped before we can achieve unity. This does not mean changing everything to the point that we are not recognizable. Rather, it is a process of revealing a hidden potential, beauty, and peace. We carry around so much that needs to be carved out or healed—such as, assumptions, fears, prejudices, pride, pain, and anger. A quest for unity will remove those things that hold us back and build us up higher and stronger than we’ve ever been before.