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Category: Faith and Religion

Blessed with His Presence, Purpose of Commandments: Part 3

We are blessed for living commandments, but not always in predictable ways. When we don’t get the blessing we were counting on, we may blame ourselves or Heavenly Father. Using commandments to connect with Heavenly Father, however, will always bring us the blessings of His presence and we will have joy and peace regardless of other circumstances.

Judas and Peter

Both Judas and Peter wanted Jesus to establish a political kingdom for Israel and overthrow the Romans, but only one followed God’s plan.

Love Comes First

When love is present, common goals can be found and plans agreed upon that respect and utilize differences. Such is the foundation of unity.

Strengthen Your Voice

Submissive unity with God is not an erasure of ourselves, it is a part of finding and strengthening ourselves.

Invisible Fires

The most powerful miracle you will ever feel will be the one that happens in your own heart.