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Category: My Story

An Eye Single to the Glory of God

God’s work and glory is seen in His children. As a child of God, I can lift my brothers and sisters and keep my priorities right as I focus on people over praise.

Love Comes First

When love is present, common goals can be found and plans agreed upon that respect and utilize differences. Such is the foundation of unity.

Strengthen Your Voice

Submissive unity with God is not an erasure of ourselves, it is a part of finding and strengthening ourselves.

Invisible Fires

The most powerful miracle you will ever feel will be the one that happens in your own heart.

“I will be Enough”

God loves you more than anyone else ever could, and He is enough. This is a promise we can rely on, but to understand it requires unity with Him.

Godly Sorrow

Godly sorrow is shared and connects us. It is this connection that brings power to humility.