Problem 3: I am mad at others

This post is a part of "my story" which begins with "Finding Purpose" The worst part of Michigan was the loneliness. We were too far away from family for frequent visits. My depression and anger caused me to retreat into myself, and my husband’s faith crisis kept me from talking to him about any of it. Before Michigan, when my husband first told me about his doubts... Continue Reading →

Problem 2: I am mad at God

This post is part of "my story" which starts with the post "Finding Purpose" Not long after we arrived in Michigan I got a call from my step-father. He had cancer advanced enough that the doctors feared he would not survive to the end of that summer. Two years after my mother’s death from cancer, my step-father’s diagnosis was eerily similar and even more severe.  My mother was... Continue Reading →

Problem 1: I am mad at myself

This post is a part of "my story" which begins with the post "Finding Purpose"  Division can take on many forms when we feel stressed and under pressure. When things start to get hard, we all point a finger of blame and many times we point that finger at ourselves. Blaming yourself for your problems is natural, but it only makes things worse.  At first, Michigan was exciting, full... Continue Reading →

Finding Purpose in Michigan

Sometimes I feel bad for Michigan. I am really not fair to that state. I have lived in ten states through out my life and I have loved all of them, except Michigan. I believe that everyone should travel and live in different places to see and learn things from new perspectives. There is beauty... Continue Reading →

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