Why a blog?

The first time I thought of a blog was around 8 years ago. After I spoke in a Sacrament Meeting at church, a brother came up to me and said, “you should write a blog!” I thought about it for all of two seconds,  I can’t start a blog, no one would read it, I’m not that special, then threw it away. 

The thought of recording my thoughts and experiences came to me again, several years ago. Far more consistent now, but whenever I think of actually publishing anything I seize up. 

Recently, I read the story of the woman with an issue of blood as recorded in Luke 8:43-48. She sought the Savior, and in the midst of a great crowd touched the hem of his garment and was healed. 

This time when I was reading, I remembered when I was a teenager. I had wanted to go to the Savior, to be healed, but I had not wanted anyone paying any attention to me. Always in the back of the class, I had avoided talking to people. I had taken what I needed and then left to go about my own business hoping no one would notice me. I had been healed, but I had not testified.

Remembering my teenage self, I wondered if that was how the woman felt. In Jerusalem at that time, would someone with an issue of blood want people noticing her? Was she trying to blend into the crowd and use the anonymity of a large crush of people to get what she wanted from the Savior without anyone else being any the wiser? 

The Lord, however, required more of her. He asked his disciples, “who touched me?” They were understandably confused as the crowd was so great everyone was touching and pushing. Yet, he knew that one touch was different. I’m sure he also knew the woman and her illness. He stopped the crowd and drew her out so that she could share her story. And we are still learning from her today.

I thought about my “book” that I loved writing and yet abandoned whenever the thought of publishing it scared me. I still wanted to hide in the crowd. But I have been healed by the Savior and I have known His touch.

Even now, I rationalize that others are speaking and my story is not needed. But, that woman with an issue of blood was not the only story of healing in the scriptures. Her story is powerful because it is not alone and yet it is unique.

So, I decided to start a blog. My hope is that this easier way of publishing will stymie some of my fears and help me achieve my other writing goals. I want to add my voice to others with the hope that people will know these experiences are not that rare. Healing happens all the time. The Savior is within reach. It’s important for all of us to seek his healing touch and then help others. None of us need be too afraid to speak. 

The first portion of blog posts will be some of my own memories, a memoir of sorts that will explain my perspective on the gospel. While pertaining to certain topics, they will probably make more sense when read in order. After that, I would like to explore other doctrines with the purpose of discovering the underlying truth that is behind even seemingly opposing experiences. Differences, even contradictions, are extremely valuable when looking to find truth. I will gladly welcome other stories and contributions so that our search will be one for unity done in unity. 

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